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"Entrepreneurial Couples Checklist" by Dr. Kathy Marshack is the single most helpful checklist for successful family businesses.

Wondering if you and your spouse have what it takes to work together? 

Discover 10 vital questions to see if you have what it takes to be happy in your work life and love life.

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brings you proven wisdom from years of experience.

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At last, a way to assess if working together is right for your family!

Through thought provoking, self-assessment questions, this eBook will enable you to:

Define your entrepreneurial style and that of your mate, so you can play to each other’s strengths.

• Assess if you and your spouse have the necessary problem-solving  skills.

• Measure how well you and your partner can handle conflict and confrontation.

• Examine your Business Plan to see if it meshes with your Personal Life Plan in a way that supports your values, beliefs and goals.

• Use past experience to gauge if you or your mate has what it takes to weather the good times and the bad.

This PDF is a great way to sample the valuable research, tips and strategies in Dr. Marshack's book: Entrepreneurial Couples - Making it Work at Work and at Home.

What readers have to say about 

Dr. Marshack's advice for entrepreneurial couples :

"This is a must have book whether you already work with your spouse or are planning to start a business with your better half. It's the type of book you want to keep handy, as an ongoing reference and not just as a one time read. It gives you a big picture understanding (holistic) of all the pieces interacting together. I personally wish I read this book when I started out in business, but I'm certainly glad I did now. Highly recommended!" -Leonard and Julie Magro

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Use this checklist to begin planning the life you want today!

Identify your strengths and those of your spouse.

Create a solid foundation to grow your business

Maintain a thriving family and business life

Communicate honestly as you and your spouse discover your strengths and your weaknesses.

Stick to the values, beliefs, and goals you and your partner hold dear.

Learn how to make love your priority as you create a thriving business together.

"Learn how to make it work at work and at home."

-- Meet Kathy J. Marshack, Ph.D., P.S., author of "Entrepreneurial Couples - Making it Work at Work and Home"

Dr. Marshack is a licensed psychologist with more than 34 years in practice as a marriage and family therapist and business coach. She has been featured in The New York Times, The British Guardian, Inc. magazine and USA Today as well as on CNN, the Lifetime TV channel,  National Public Radio (NPR), and BBC World Service.

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