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"Out of Mind - Out of Sight : Parenting with a Partner with Asperger Syndrome (ASD)" 
by Dr. Kathy Marshack 

"If you're in a relationship with someone with Asperger's, this book is a must read! Explore the latest science behind how your Aspie loved one thinks and get the tools you need for a healthier, happier family."

This book is your path to personal freedom. 

You might feel like no one understands, but Dr. Marshack does, and she shares real stories of people just like you along with the tools you need to empower your life once again. Grab your free chapter and you'll find...

  • Relief from living with no emotional connection. Help your Aspie connect the dots, so you feel heard and loved.

  • New rules and checklists on how to engage. Untie the emotional knots your Aspie partner or child create around ordinary things.

  • Tips to shed the invisibility cloak. Take your life back and get the hugs and kind gestures that are so essential to your self-esteem.

  • Real life parenting advice. Successfully parent with your Aspie partner whether your children are on the spectrum or not.
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Meet the Author

Dr. Kathy Marshack

Dr. Marshack, Ph.D., P.S., is also the author of the internationally-acclaimed book, "Going Over the Edge? Practical Steps to Saving You and Your Relationship." 

A licensed psychologist with 35+ years in practice as a marriage and family therapist and business coach, she's been featured in The New York Times, Inc. magazine, USA Today as well as on CNN, the Lifetime TV channel and National Public Radio (NPR).


What readers of "Out of Mind - Out of Sight : Parenting with a Partner with Asperger Syndrome (ASD)" are saying:

"Already the first chapter had affirmed my experience! I no longer feel so crazy!! I wouldn't wish this quiet hell on anyone. Thank you so much for writing this book. I need to be heard, but he's not ready to come out yet. So I struggle with taking care of myself, and not telling his story, although his story is part of my story. Again thank you so very much for doing this work, to help us not feel alone."

~ L

"This book is spot-on. Of all the books out there, Kathy, from her own experience having been raised by an Asperger mother and raising her own Asperger child as well as seeing clients on the spectrum, has a bird's eye view into the realm of Autism. I have read many books on Austim Spectrum Disorders. This is a must-read." 

Pamela, married to an Aspie spouse

What reviewers are saying:

"Marshack (Going Over the Edge?, 2009) brings decades of experience as a psychologist, wife and mother of an Asperger’s-affected spouse and children to this revealing look at a commonly misunderstood disorder. She discusses common behaviors of people suffering from Asperger’s and of “neurotypical” family members who are not impaired but trying to cope." 

Kirkus Reviews