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Online Therapy

Are you looking for a therapist but are finding it challenging to find someone in your local area who can help you? Or perhaps you find it difficult to leave home and make it to the therapist’s office on a regular basis? Online therapy with Dr. Marshack via an online video program might be the answer you’re looking for.


Online therapy is only available to you if you live in the states of Oregon, Washington or outside of the United States (in jurisdictions that allow it). If you live in one of the other 48 states, please visit our Online Education section for more information on scheduling an appointment.  

With over forty years of experience in marriage and family counseling, Dr. Marshack’s expertise is sought out by people worldwide. Click here to learn more about her background and experience.

Dr. Marshack has published three books that explore the complex psychology that impacts the family when a member has Asperger Syndrome. In addition to her interest in Asperger Syndrome, Dr. Marshack works with clients on a wide range of issues, including depression, marital counseling, high-conflict divorce, codependency, adoptive families, entrepreneurial life and much more.

If you’re interested in scheduling an Online Therapy session with Dr. Marshack please follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Please read the FAQs below regarding Online Therapy.

Step 2: Contact Dr. Marshack’s assistant to schedule an appointment. Please indicate days and times that would work best for your schedule and what time zone you are living in. Dr. Marshack’s assistant will follow-up with you by phone or email to schedule your appointment.

Step 3: Dr. Marshack’s assistant will direct you on how to make a payment and fill out the appropriate forms prior to your appointment with Dr. Marshack.

If you have any questions please review the FAQs below or contact our office.

Online Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between online therapy and online education services?

Online psychotherapy takes a more clinical look at the issues you bring to the video session. This allows Dr. Marshack to use a variety of therapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or Psychodyamic Therapy. However, within the context of treating a specific mental disorder such as depression or anxiety (and many others), Dr. Marshack may also rely on a variety of coaching techniques or solution-focused therapy. In other words, there is a broad reach of clinical, consulting and coaching methods used in online psychotherapy. Depending on your mental health insurance coverage, you may be able to use insurance for these sessions.

Online education, on the other hand, takes a narrower approach than the clinical one of online psychotherapy. It may be just as therapeutic as psychotherapy in many ways, but the purpose of online education is to get right to the specific question you have for Dr. Marshack. This is why she has set up a system of short 20-minute sessions to be used as efficiently as possible. Of course, you can schedule more than twenty minutes if you like. There is no diagnosis or medical billing for online education sessions, although your privacy is protected just as it would be in online psychotherapy. Sessions are conducted via video conference.

Who can benefit from online therapy with Dr. Marshack?
Because of licensing restrictions Dr. Marshack only offers online therapy to people living outside the United States (in jurisdictions that allow it) or in the states of Oregon or Washington where she holds a license. If you live in one of the other 48 states, you may be able to schedule online education with Dr. Marshack but online therapy is unavailable to you.

How long are the sessions and what is the cost?
Sessions are 40, 60, or 80 minutes long. Sessions cost $80 per 20-minute increments, so the costs would be $160 for 40 minutes, $240 for 60 minutes, or $320 for 80 minutes.

What method of payments does Dr. Marshack accept?

Payment in full is expected prior to your session. You can pay the full fee with your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or debit card. We can keep your card information on file and charge your account automatically at each session if you wish. We can also send you an invoice through Paypal if you wish to keep your credit card information confidential.

What is the cancellation policy?
If you are going to be unable to keep an appointment, you are asked to provide two full business days (no less than 48 hours) notice or you will be charged for the time as though you attended. Please note that you will have to pay the entire amount prior to the session.

Will my insurance cover these sessions?
In our experience, online therapy is not covered by insurance. You are free to contact your insurance company directly to see if they can make an exception given your situation, however, exceptions have been extremely rare.

Is my session confidential?
During a session using Video for communication, Dr. Marshack will not be able to make sure your overheard conversations will be confidential. She also cannot control your environment where the visual broadcast is being played via Video. Please make sure you are prepared for your sessions by planning a location that is private, where you will not be overheard by others and the session will not be watched by others. It is your responsibility to keep your environment confidential. Recording sessions are not permitted. Dr. Marshack will always video conference from the privacy of her office.

What type of video conferencing software does Dr. Marshack use?
In order to protect your confidentiality, Dr. Marshack uses a HIPAA compliant software for video education services. Her assistant will help you install this free program to your desktop or laptop computer.

What if I have additional questions not answered on this page?
Please contact Dr. Marshack's assistant at 503-222-6678 or 360-256-0448 or at