Have you ever felt completely bewildered by someone's thoughtless, mean, or downright destructive behavior…? 

In Dr. Marshack’s newest book, she helps you not only understand why this is happening, but how to protect yourself from those hell-bent on destroying you.

When Empathy Fails How to protect yourself from those hellbent to get you

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Narcissists, sociopaths, addicts, brain injured, a vengeful ex, autistics, corrupt city officials, and greedy neighbors...

What do these people have in common?

According to Dr. Kathy Marshack, they all lack empathy. She ought to know. She endured a 12-year perfect storm of divorce, lawsuits, assaults, cyberstalking, false arrests, predatory prosecution, and the loss of her children to parental alienation. 

If you’ve been hurt just once, or maybe too many times to count, it’s time to reclaim the beautiful life you are meant to live. Dr. Marshack introduces the Empathy Dysfunction (EmD) Scale and shares hard-learned lessons on how to protect yourself from those with EmD, by increasing your own empathy! 

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Kathy J. Marshack, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist with more than 40 years of experience as a marriage and family therapist and a business coach. Dr. Marshack has written three other books, including two on the challenges of living with family members with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She's been featured in The New York Times, Inc., USA Today, as well as on CNN, Lifetime TV channel and National Public Radio (NPR).

What readers say about Dr. Marshack’s books

Kirkus Review:
"A hard-luck memoir, intertwined with life lessons on empathy.
This account of psychologist Marshack’s (Entrepreneurial Couples, 2017, etc.) traumatic trials and tribulations will likely elicit great empathy for the author herself. In a personal narrative that’s troubling but often engaging, she documents the fallout from her divorce, her challenging relationship with her daughters (one is autistic and the other suffers from the effects of a brain injury), and her arduous, toxic legal battle with neighbors over property rights. It’s almost unimaginable what the author goes through, and following her journey from chapter to chapter could leave one emotionally spent. Her negative experiences led her to consider why some people have empathy and others do not; her reflection resulted in the “Empathy Dysfunction Scale (EmD Scale),” which she says can help readers “identify the kind of people you’re dealing with in your life.” Overall, though, the book largely concentrates, almost to a fault, on the injustices that the author says that she suffered during a very ugly dispute with authorities and neighbors over residential land use. Indeed, the extent to which the book describes the case—with accompanying reprinted emails and property drawings—is extraordinary, and its tone sometimes feels almost vindictive. However, the book is engaging when it addresses Marshack’s five levels of “EmDs.” The second chapter does a particularly good job of describing each one of these, ranging from EmD-0 (“having zero degrees of empathy but not intending harm”) to EmD-5 (“epitomizing empathy”). By the end of the author’s sad but engaging tale, the EmD levels do resonate, and the implications of empathy dysfunction become clear.
A compelling, if sometimes-painful, read that offers a lesson in personal resilience."

"I loved this book. Dr. Marshack has to be a wonderful person, because she is still helping other people after all that was done to her."

“I read one of your books about 3 months ago; at the time it saved my "life." This morning I read about your legal woes in Vancouver. You are amazing. How in God's name did you manage that and live/deal with people with AS…you are amazing.”

“Moving forward I am a devoted follower. I cannot possibly explain how accurately you explain my life, but want you to know that I appreciate your work and your support.”

“The short way to express what I'm feeling is that this is the first time EVER in my 45 years of life that I don't feel ALONE anymore!!! Your willingness and courage to expose the details of your life and those of others has provided such a gift of insight and the beginning process of healing in my life.”

"Thank you for this book, Dr. Marshack! This is exactly what I have been thinking for the last 20 years about EmD aspie's characteristics." ~ p.w.

"I thought I was alone. This is my story on a much smaller scale. If you’ve been bullied and smear campaigned don’t even attempt to make sense of it; it's intended to not make sense but to disarm, manipulate, control, and in some cases destroy you...The author offers multiple examples through her own story that describes how to identify harmful people and situations that can hurt and alienate someone through overt and covert actions. It isn’t paranoia; it really happens. Ultimately one is left alone to lay down or protect oneself. Raising awareness of this phenomenon, I believe, is of utmost importance in a world that is continually changing and gives us less and less time to adjust, leaving us vulnerable to such things." ~ annah